Thesis on apparel industry

Quality means customer needs is to be satisfied. Failure to maintain an adequate quality standard can therefore be unsuccessful. But maintaining an adequate standard of quality also costs effort. From the first investigation to find out what the potential customer for a new product really wants, through the processes of design, specification, controlled manufacture and sale.

Thesis on apparel industry

Salish Weaving Before European contact the Coast Salish peoplesincluding the Cowichan, wove blankets, leggings, and tumplines out of mountain goat wool, dog hairand other fibres.

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There is little information on pre-contact production and use of these weavings, although examples remain in museum collections. No archaeological or ethnographic evidence of knitting or knitting needles exists.

Introduction to European knitting techniques[ edit ] Sheep were introduced to Vancouver Island in the s, [3] providing a more plentiful source of wool.

Around the same time, the first European settlers arrived in the Cowichan Valley.

Thesis on apparel industry

Knitting by native women probably began in a number of ways shortly thereafter. The most organized instruction in knitting was provided by the Sisters of St.

Annmissionaries who came from Victoria to the Cowichan Valley in to start a school for the Indians. The mission has records of students' knitting and other domestic skills being displayed at local fairs and at the Chicago World's Fair in Like the other garments, sweaters were and are today knit in the round with no seams, using multiple needles in the European style of the period.

The earliest Cowichan sweaters were all of one colour, knitted with a turtle-neck. Some knitters used a raised stitch similar to that of a ganseypossibly inspired by the clothing of the many British fishermen who had settled in the area.

The teaching of patterned sweater knitting is generally attributed to a settler from the Shetland IslandsJerimina Colvin. Colvin settled in Cowichan Station inraised sheep, and hand-spun and dyed her own wool. She probably began to teach knitting by the s, and added patterns as she learned them from other Scottish settlers.

Anna Roman Catholic institution founded in Quebec to promote the education of rural children, brought knitting to the West Coast. Infour Sisters of St. Ann traveled from Montreal to Victoria to open a schoolhouse for the local children of all different races.

Ann's Academy in Victoria and St.

Thesis on apparel industry

Ann's School for Indian Girls in Duncan. The classic Cowichan sweater of the 20th century was knitted of white or undyed wool, in coat style, fastened at the front by buttons or a zipper, hip-length, with a shawl collar, and usually ornamented with indigenous or sporting motifs.

Wool and its preparation[ edit ] Because Cowichan knitting developed shortly after the introduction of sheep to Vancouver Island, Cowichan sweaters have always been knitted exclusively from sheep's wool.

Garments produced from the short lofty fleece of these local breeds are characterized by their uneven texture, their warmth and their lightness relative to overall bulk. The oldest wool processing method followed by Cowichan women involved six basic steps: Some knitters still buy shorn fleeces and go through most of the traditional preparation, but most buy the washed and carded wool directly from a commercial carding mill.

When the wool is obtained from fleeces, knitters remove the suint by leaving them out in the rain to soften and then pulling the wool out.

Wool from any source must be washed in warm soapy water, rinsed a number of times, and hung on lines or spread out to dry. Washing is done primarily during the warm summer weather. Knitters hand-tease the dry wool to loosen and separate the matted or tangled fibres by pulling them apart.

This allows the dirt, hay and twigs to fall out and makes the wool ready for carding.FEATURING: Express (similar items>) jacket, sweater and tee. Another winter day, another winter outfit.

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That accounted for approximately 82% of the total for freight carriers. The freight trucking market is so large because trucks play a critical role in moving merchandise of all kinds between points of. Maldives has always been an independent political entity except when it was under Portuguese control from to In , the Maldives agreed to become a protectorate of the British government, allowing the British to take responsibility for it defense and foreign relations while maintaining for .

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