Stub nib writing a resume

I often hear from people about how a particular fountain pen isn't performing the way they would like. Here are several things to consider before ditching that pen: If it's a new pen and it's writing thin, did you flush the pen before inking it for the first time? I'm one of those people that inks a pen without flushing and I've definitely noticed a "break-in" period in this situation.

Stub nib writing a resume

BlockedUnblock FollowFollowing I love to read books, drink coffee, and blog. I'm an author, poet, and artisan jeweler. Making converts everywhere I go. What is so great about them? Well, for me, they not only make the writing I do easier, but they help me when planning my short stories and novels.

I discovered the fountain pen back in At that time, fountain pens were not cool. To use one invited stares and derisive comments. The pens drew me because my cursive writing had fallen into disuse and was unreadable. I took up journaling to counteract this, reasoning that if I wrote one entry a day in cursive, my penmanship would improve.

The more I wrote with the ballpoints, the more my hand cramped.

stub nib writing a resume

I googled about writing and learned that fountain pens need not press onto the page as you write. You hold them at an angle that is more comfortable for the hand.

You could write more words and for a longer time with a fountain pen than with a ballpoint. I had to try it. The inexpensive Chinese model I bought to find out if I would like writing with a fountain pen was easy to write with.

I loved the feel of the pen in my hand, the myriad of ink colors to choose from, and that I could select different nibs to change the way my words looked on the page.

I went from using a standard medium nib to a fine nib and to an italic nib, which is a smoother version of a calligraphy stub nib.

I became hooked on the pens as a hobby. I own many colors of inks, but basic black is my main color for the creative process and record keeping. I also use a Platinum Plaisir for autographing my novels out in the field.

It is a pen with a cap that keeps the pen from drying out for a long period. My readers love seeing the pen and it makes the autographing process a little more special.

Do I love fountain pens because they are an aid to my creative process as a writer, or do I use paper notebooks as a writer because fountain pens are fun for me? My process of writing developed at the same time I started my fountain pen hobby, so who is to say?

I use fountain pens mainly in the brainstorming process of stories and poems. I find that the shorter the project, the more likely I will use the pens during the creative process.

For poems, I create them almost entirely via fountain pen and paper. There is something about doodling all those words on the page to find the perfect fit in my poems.

I can switch out the colors to fit the mood too. Something about the matching of paper and leather seems quite bohemian. When writing short stories, I keep an ARC notebook, which has excellent quality paper for fountain pens.

I write out ideas for my stories and create handwritten character sheets, outlines, and maps. Once I develop the story enough, I move it onto the computer where I do the drafting. Finally, there are my novels. I draft on an Alphasmart digital typewriter. Once I complete the first draft, I move the manuscript into Scrivener for revision.

As the years go by, I continue to incorporate fountain pens and paper into my life. I sketch and ink the drawings with a fine fountain pen.

I continue to keep a journal to chronicle my life and I keep a bullet journal to keep my writing tasks in order. I experiment with using fountain pen inks as washes in my artwork. I feel that writing with fountain pens has enriched my life.This sample writing is MB custom stub and I like it very much and I was looking for just a little softer nib so I can get a little more line variations.

It sounds like Pelikan M 3B might be what I . Webopedia's list of Data File Formats and File Extensions makes it easy to look through thousands of extensions and file formats to find what you need. What others are saying "The Noodler's Ahab flex pen features a steel flexible nib and a slide piston mechanism.


If you'd like, you can even remove the piston mechanism and use the pen as an eyedropper for a massive ink capacity. Vintage Fountain Pens All of our vinatge pens are fully restored to good writing condition unless otherwise noted.

By “good writing condition” is meant, in addition to proper function, that nibs are aligned, set for reasonable flow, and not scratchy. 90 Responses to “44 Resume Writing Tips” D.F. Rucci on May 19, pm. Thanks for these tips! Good work! Deb Dib on May 20, pm. Great blog! I only just found you and I will certainly be following your posts and make my colleagues aware as well.

Latest News. Manually Adjusted Ultra Flex Nibs. The last few months we have been working on perfecting a manual adjustment to reduce the amount of pressure required to flex our FPR flex nibs.

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