One yard sewing projects

These 1-hour sewing projects include quick gifts, quilted items for your home and more fresh sewing ideas to get you inspired when you only have a little bit of time to sew.

One yard sewing projects

One Yard Projects Got scraps? How about those cool-looking fabric pieces you find on the bargain table -- not enough for a full garment, but perhaps a yard or so left on the roll? There are tons of things you can do with a yard or less of fabric!

Here's a list of fun and useful projects you can try! I had wanted to make a placemat totebag -- take two placemats, sew together, add straps -- and voila, a totebag!

Was in a kitchen store and finally found just the right placemat!

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Bright colors, nice pattern -- just what I wanted. Picked them up, showed it to my wife and explained how I was going to make a placemat totebag we do a lot of beach trips, so always need more tote bags. She though it was a good idea, but said "But that's a dish towel, not a placemat.

Darned if it wasn't a dish towel, after all! Okay, I can salvage this. My original plan of sewing two "mats" together wasn't going to work -- dish towels aren't as stiff as placemats, so I'll have to use just one towel and reduce the size.

The towel already has finished edges -- and I wanted to keep these. So -- I folded the towel in half -- that puts the finished edges on the sides. And the problem now -- is that that the pattern is upside down on one side after folding!

Alright, I can fix this. This means my already finished edges on the top of the bag are now at the bottom of the bag-- meaning I'll have to hem the top.

One yard sewing projects

I guess that's better than having upside-down flowers on my tote bag, though. So -- quick and dirty -- I sewed a double-roll hem along the cut sides along the "top" parts of the bag.

I used red thread because I thought it stood out a little and looked nice. Here are my two pieces after the hemming. Ready for the next step -- I matched the good sides of the bag and sewed the bag together on three sides.

Note how the bottom seam has a little greater seam allowance -- this is because the "bottom" of the bag was the original "top" -- and it had the store-bought finished seams. They were kind of thick -- rather than try to fold them, it was easier just to sew just above them.

Next part's pretty easy -- turn the bag right-side out and attach the straps. I used some 1-inch webbing. I wanted the straps a little long since I envisioned hanging the bag off our shoulders rather than holding it in our hands.

So -- I cut two 32" pieces of webbing. I'm really conservative when I attach webbing to a bag. I figure I'm going to load the bag up with books and stuff and don't want the strap to tear loose. So -- here's how I normally do it: I attached my straps about three inches in from the sides of the bag.

One yard sewing projects

Three inches isn't a magic number -- it just looked kind of right on this side bag. I positioned one strap about three inches in -- and arranged it so that the strap flowed towards the bottom of the bag.Everyone has a pile of small fabrics waiting aimlessly in their sewing basket and today is their day to become something useful.

Below you’ll find 15 diy projects that you can make with only one yard or less of fabric and a little sewing skill. For both novice and accomplished sewers, this spiral-bound guide offers directions that are precisely, clearly, and buoyantly written as the authors share sewing projects requiring only a yard of fabric, including apparel, toys, accessories (human and pet), dresser organizers, and stuffed animals.

Enjoy these one yard bundles of featured collections. This is a great way to easily purchase larger cuts of fabric at a discounted price! Fashion Sewing Club is a monthly meeting featuring garments, pattern modification and review, and the latest news in the sewing world.

You will be provided with tips, techniques and new ideas that are sure to . This One-Yard Wonders collection organizes projects by fabric type so that you can make the most of each cloth’s unique characteristics.

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Find the best uses for all your different fabrics as you learn to use stretchy jersey knits for a ruffle scarf, lightweight cotton voile . Enjoy these one yard bundles of featured collections. This is a great way to easily purchase larger cuts of fabric at a discounted price!

One Yard Projects: Dish Towel Tote Bag