Nursing concept analysis professional boundaries

A concept is usually one or two words that convey meaning, understanding or feelings between or among individuals within a same discipline. Some concepts relevant to nursing are health, nursing, managed care, coping and parenting.

Nursing concept analysis professional boundaries

Social work is a profession that prides itself on the use of self, the person in the process Mattison, As distinctive and positive as it is, this concept lends itself to developing secondary relationships. These relationships can include nonsexual and legitimate interactions, many of which are unplanned and inadvertent, yet still have ethical ramifications.

Ethical issues related to professional boundaries are common and complex.

Essay professional boundaries in nursing

We should be concerned with dual relationships primarily because they can hurt clients but also because they can hurt the profession and social workers.

Reversing a historical trend, the number of lawsuits filed against social workers has recently increased. A primary reason why clients sue is because they feel they have been exploited, and exploitation is at the core of the dual relationship issue.

A debate has emerged in the social work field about dual relationships. On one side are those who support avoiding dual relationships at all costs.

Nurses with Responsibility for Initiating Physician Standing Orders: According to the Texas Nursing Practice Act [Tex. Occ. Code Ann. §(3)], the term "Nurse" means, “a person required to be licensed under this chapter to engage in professional or vocational nursing.”The practice of either professional or vocational nursing frequently involves implementing orders from a. Professional boundaries refers to the clear separation that should exist between professional conduct aimed at meeting the health needs of the woman, and behaviour which serves a midwife’s own personal views, feelings and relationships that are not relevant to the professional relationship. Concepts and challenges of Professional nursing practice. Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Search. Create. The boundaries of acceptable diagnosis and treatment by nurses, physicians, and a variety of mid-level medical professionals Professional Nursing Concepts Final. 50 terms. Midterm iRat Questions. 17 terms. Mid.

On the other side are those who say these relationships are situationally and contextually determined. They argue that being too dogmatic about avoiding dual relationships diminishes the essence and authenticity of social work. An absolutist believes that certain actions are ethically right or wrong and that certain values should always determine the moral course of action.

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A relativist believes that moral standards are personal, subjective, and situational. The morality of a decision is measured by the goodness of the outcome.

The deontological view focuses on process; the utilitarian view emphasizes outcome. An oncology client with a terminal diagnosis, widowed six months earlier, is unemployed and has a 5-year-old daughter for whom she feels incapable of providing good care.

She has no next of kin, so she has decided to relinquish her daughter for adoption. The client notices that her social worker is good with her child.

The client also overhears the social worker talking about her plans to try to adopt a child. The client asks the social worker if she would consider being the adoptive parent for her daughter. An absolutist might argue that there should be no blurring of roles because there is a foreseeable risk of exploitation.

A relativist might argue that it is a win-win situation.

Nursing concept analysis professional boundaries

In this context, the mother would feel relief, the child would have a good home, and the social worker could adopt as desired. The decision is measured by the goodness of the outcome for the most people.

The social work Code of Ethics stipulates that if a dual relationship is exploitative, whether it begins before, during, or after a professional relationship, it should be avoided. There is room for interpretation, and many of the dual relationships social workers encounter are much more subtle than the egregious exploitation of a sexual relationship: The potential for exploitation or harm to a client is what makes dual relationships insidious.

Dating, bartering, and entering into business arrangements with clients represent examples of situations that are best avoided. But are these situations always wrong?

Nursing concept analysis professional boundaries

Often they are inevitable, especially when the social worker is in private practice or practices in a rural setting or a denominational agency.

In a small community, same sex social activities are limited and thus may be attended by both client and worker. The incidental occurrence of boundary crossings may be unavoidable.BackgroundThis paper developed from the experience of learning to use grounded theory to carry out a study, still in progress, about post-registration professional development of nurses.

Respecting Boundaries — The Don’ts of Dual

Inspiring tomorrow’s healers. To be a nurse is a calling. For every bit of nursing knowledge and technical expertise, it also takes compassion and a devotion. Buy On the Politics of Ignorance in Nursing and Health Care: Knowing Ignorance (Routledge Key Themes in Health and Society): Read Kindle Store Reviews - Some concepts relevant to nursing are health, nursing, managed care, coping and parenting.

A concept analysis is the first step in communicating meanings, understandings and feelings. A concept is usually a measurable variable in an hypothesis, assumption, or proposition. The principle aim of this concept analysis is to clarify the meaning of the concept of alarm fatigue that will contribute a shared understanding of its use within health care and future nursing research.

A Framework for Designing Nursing Knowledge Management Systems 14 Consequently, as e-health has become the norm, the barriers to transparent and accessible infor-.

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