National gallery essay

The 5 main objectives of the National Gallery Singapore are as follows: Research, exhibit and promote Southeast Asian artworks for the enjoyment of all To be a central civic space, providing a platform for artistic expression and learning as well as lifestyle destination:

National gallery essay

In the following paper I will discuss what the museum looked like, the tour that I went on. What I thought of the tour, the pieces of art in the tour. How I felt while I was in the museum and the discovery that I found out about myself about the type of art that catches my attention.

When I arrived at the National Gallery of Art, the outside structure of the building took my breath away. From outside looking at the museum its size just astonished me.

The big tall granite columns and the granite steps reminded me of ancient Greek architecture. Once I made it up the marble staircase I finally arrived inside the museum. When I got inside the museum I had entered from the back and I had to walk to the information desk.

On my way to the information desk I look around the museum to se if anything on that floor caught my eye. The statue in the middle of the museum caught my I because it was a beautiful fountain and the sound of the water coming out of the statue made me think that it was beautiful.

After looking at the fountain I made my way to the information desk to get a map and a list of the tours that were going on that day. I looked over the list and decided to go on the John Singer Sargent tour. When I arrived at the National Gallery of Art there where a lot of different tours that I could have went on.

I decided that I wanted to go on the John Singer Sargent Tour because I had read about him and some of his works while doing my clipping collection.

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I also wanted to see some of his work because they were pictured in the Baltimore Sun. These two paintings in the sun were just black and white photos but in the museum their beauty was unbelievable and also there size was impressive.

The first painting that you see when you are on the tour is the Madame X. Madame X is probably the painting that Sargent is most famous for. In the painting Madame Gautreau stance and provocative dress were thought to be eccentric and astonishing. Madame Gautreau mother wanted Sargent to take out of his show because she thought that the painting was to provocative.

This painting was Sargents masterpiece, during the period of art know as impressionism. He captured the effect of twilight with the artificial light of candle lanterns as the light reflected off the faces of the two children in this painting.

Overall I thought that the tour was very informative and also beautiful. After the tour was over I proceeded to walk around the rest of the museum. I also came across portraits of some of the presidents. I later found the beauty that I was looking for when I came across a room in the museum that was filled with landscape paintings.

I guess I figured out then that, that was the type of art that I like. I also came to thinking this because I love to be outside all year round. I just love nature and all that Mother Nature has to offer. In conclusion I had a very good time at the museum.MUSEUM TRIP When this project was brought to my attention at the beginning of the semester I didn't know what to expect.

I didn't know much about the history of art or any of the specific terms that are used in the art world. I have been to museums in the past but that was when I was in ele. Our colors represent a long history and we wear them with pride and respect. Our colors pay homage to African Americans of the 9th and 10th Cavalry who sacrificed their lives so that our country could be what it is today..

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It revolves around a person sitting on a bench in a gallery while /5(1). Observation of Social Behavior in the national Gallery of Art The age of individuals traveling through the room varied greatly from infants to senior adults.

The ethnicity of individuals covered a broad spectrum including, Causation, Asian, African, Indian, and Hispanic. This story appears in the January issue of National Geographic magazine. For most of my life, I didn’t pay attention to birds.

National gallery essay

Only in my 40s did I become a person whose heart lifts.

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