Matlab application

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Matlab application

Please Sign up or sign in to vote. I have found it hard to use it mainly due to lack of documentation, which is really basic with only few code examples for C. I guess writing programs that use Matlab for calculating is not encouraged by MathWorks, you would become competition that way.

Nonetheless, I accomplished what I was required to do, so I decided to share this with the rest of the world. I was using Ra version of Matlab. I realize that there is a newer version. But I had only this version at my disposal. Since the interface for communicating with Matlab server is dependent on installed Matlab version and registry entries, it may have been different from Matlab application.

But I suspect not to much. I also tried with 7. Let's start with a simple console application. Let's call it MatlabTest. In new window, click COM tab. In search text box, write 'Matlab'. Then choose "Matlab Application Version 7. You should get a new reference like below: Now we should test if it is working.

In order to use it, we should create our Matlab server from C application. To that, we can add code to our main program: CreateInstance activationContext ; Console.

When it will try to create another Matlab, it will just return reference to the same object. Contrary to that, we could use "matlab. CreateInstance method will be executed. In more complex applications or for web applications or other programs which run for a long time, it may create big memory leaks since 1 instance costs around Mb on 64 bit Windows 7 and Matlab Ra.

After creating Matlab program, execute a simple sum of 2 integers, just for test of communication, we don't need anything more sophisticated. It should return a simple string in console: It's really simple and more important, it works!

It's not much useful. Also, there is one way to find out if our statement had errors. It will have 'error' string in response. Let's try to run something like this: So to check our command had errors, we have to check if output string has "???

Best is one called PutWorkspaceData. It takes 3 parameters. First is desired name of our new Matlab variable. Two others are much more tricky. To set variable correctly so you could reference it in commandyou must use global workspace.

But it is called? This one took much more time than I would want.A group of application-specific solutions namely tool boxes is the main feature of MATLAB. It permits you for learning and applying specialized technology. There are vast collections of MATLAB functions in Toolboxes that enhances the ambiance of MATLAB to solve problems of a particular class.

Back to top A cell is a flexible type of variable that can hold any type of variable. A cell array is simply an array of those cells. It's somewhat confusing so let's make an analogy.

Matlab application

A cell is like a bucket. You can throw anything you want into the bucket: a string, an integer, a double, an. Nov 12,  · This post will demonstrate using MATLAB code to connect with Origin, read data from the active worksheet in Origin, process the data, and place the results back into the worksheet in Origin.

zyBooks Loading. Alternately, you can open the Application Compiler app by entering applicationCompiler at the MATLAB prompt.. In the MATLAB Compiler project window, specify the main file of the MATLAB application that you want to deploy..

In the Main File section of the toolstrip, click.. In the Add Files window, browse to matlabroot\extern\examples\compiler, and . Chapter 8 (The Matlab Desktop) discusses customization of the Matlab environment rather than that of a Matlab application. Chapter 9 (Using Matlab from within Java) discusses the other side of the coin, namely how to call the Matlab engine from within a Java program.

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