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Hoover roosevelt dbq

Roosevelt is commonly thought of as a liberal and President Herbert C.

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Hoover as a conservative. The validity of these accusations, Before classifying each president in the categories of "liberal" and "conservative," it must first be understood what is meant by each term. During the time of the Great Depression, a liberal was usually associated with "political equality, free speech, free assembly, free press, and equality of opportunity.

Today, the definition changes drastically. A liberal is someone who thinks government can solve problems, and someone who trusts government.

They believe in more government spending such as in social plans and are not turned off because of raised taxes, knowing full well the money taken away will do the country good.

Frankly, liberals believe in more government in the daily lives of people. Conservatives believe in directly the opposite of what liberals do.

They believe heavily in the free enterprise system private ownership.

Hoover roosevelt dbq

Their economics rely on the theory of supply and demand and profit motive. This economic policy can be seen directly in the rest of what conservatives believe in. They are resistant to change, being strong believers of traditional values. They thought money should be spent on defense, not social programs.

In a nutshell, they want government to stay out of people's lives. The modern definitions of each term will be used in categorizing Roosevelt and Hoover. President Hoover, a strong believer in traditional values, can definitely be described as a conservative.

His initial "hands-off" policy in dealing with the Great Depression show this well. He believed in the business cycle and that the country would pull its self out of the depression. He did not want to use government power in dealing with this catastrophe, mainly because of his predecessor's tradition of lassiez-faire.

Hoover stated in an election speech, "Every step of bureaucratizing of the business of our country poisons the very roots of liberalism old definition.

This bureaucracy, he said, would take the American people's freedom right from them. He felt a great need to take government out of peoples lives more then ever. Even after the depression hit, Hoover was convinced that government could do nothing to help the country out this cataclysm.

He said in"Economic depression cannot be cured by legislative action or executive pronouncement. As the depression worsened, Hoover began to think he should not sit back and watch the depression thorough, but help out as much as he can to quicken the arrival of prosperity in the business cycle.

While this government action was one of liberal proportions, Hoover is still classifies as a conservative because of his long terms goals having conservatism written all over them.

Drastic times call for drastic measures, and he felt the only way to preserve tradition was help out the people. He first started helping out by merely encouraging voluntary groups in the community to help out the less fortunate.

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He felt that "government -national, state and local- can join with the community in such programs and do its part.Essay on Roosevelt and Hoover DBQ Words | 6 Pages. Roosevelt and Hoover DBQ The Great Depression quickly altered America's view of liberalism and therefore, Roosevelt can be considered a liberal and Hoover a conservative, despite the fact that they did occasionally support very similar policies.

Nov 04,  · Hoover & FDR DBQ helppp!!!!? President Franklin D. Roosevelt is commonly thought of as a liberal and President Herbert C. Hoover as a conservative. To what extent are these characterizations valid?Status: Resolved. Theodore Roosevelt Our 26th President of the United States was born on October 27, in New York City, the son of Martha Bulloch Roosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt Senior.

Hoover roosevelt dbq

Born in an affluent family, Teddy Roosevelt was a very frail child. Roosevelt vs. Hoover. Roosevelt (Democrat) won, finally breaking the republican streak. He promised a new deal in his speech for his nomination.

Contents of the Rating Guide For Part III A(scaffold questions): A question-specific rubric Sample responses for questions scored 0–2 For Part III B (DBQ) essays: A . 1. Analyze the responses of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration to the problems of the Great Depression.

How effective were these responses? How did they change the role of the federal government? Use the documents and your knowledge of the period to construct your essay. Document A Source: Meridel Lesueur, New Masses, January

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