Festival speech synthesis

History[ edit ] Long before the invention of electronic signal processingsome people tried to build machines to emulate human speech. In the German - Danish scientist Christian Gottlieb Kratzenstein won the first prize in a competition announced by the Russian Imperial Academy of Sciences and Arts for models he built of the human vocal tract that could produce the five long vowel sounds in International Phonetic Alphabet notation: InCharles Wheatstone produced a "speaking machine" based on von Kempelen's design, and inJoseph Faber exhibited the " Euphonia ". In Paget resurrected Wheatstone's design.

Festival speech synthesis

Our online mission is to bring the experience of Divinity to everyday life in order to Cultivate, Educate and Inspire all towards Universal Truths. Use the "find" function within your browser to search on this page by any word Abstract ideas Embodied thoughts of the divine mind, carrying the energy of their creator and consequently the cause of phenomenal effects in the three worlds.

Abstraction right A mental activity, an attitude of mind which affects primarily the entire life-attitude of the personality. It involves not only the detachment from long habit, but it involves also a complete readjustment of the entire threefold person to the world of souls.

Festival speech synthesis

Abstract mind The interpreting agent for the Monad, and the lowest aspect of the Triad; the pattern-building facility, or the mind that works with the blue prints upon which the forms are modeled; the intuition or pure reason.

Abstract thought A function of the Self expressing itself through the higher mental or causal body. Adept A Master of Wisdom who, having traversed the path of Festival speech synthesis and entered upon the final stage of this Path of Initiation, has taken five of the initiations and passed into the fifth or spiritual kingdom, from the fourth or human kingdom.

First made available in writing to the general public in the late s by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and in the 20th century by Alice A. Also called "Ancient Wisdom. Agnichaitans The devas who construct Festival speech synthesis build in matter of the densest kind in connection with logoic manifestation.

They function on the seventh subplane of the cosmic physical plane, and are the producers of the greatest concretion. In the planetary body of our planetary Logos, the agnichaitans are the builders of the earth, His densest form, and throughout the entire solar system they are the sumtotal of that activity and vibration which demonstrates what we call the "solid substance.

From the psychic standpoint of occult psychology, they have a close connection with the physical brain, the seat or empire of the Thinker. Agnisuryans The builders on the sixth subplane of the cosmic physical plane, our systemic astral plane.

They represent the sympathetic nervous system in the logoic physical body. Air Air is the symbol of the higher life in which the Christ principle dominates, in which freedom is experienced and the soul comes to full expression.

Higher correspondence of ether and relates to the substance which is Buddhi.

Festival speech synthesis

The akasha is everywhere, in it we live and move and have our being. Akashic Records Records of all karmic action "impressed" upon the ethers. Most psychics perceive the distorted reflections on the astral plane. Alignment Occultly means that a lower state has been brought into contact with something still higher; correct, unimpeded relationship; the establishment of a direct channel, not only between the one source, the Monad, and its expression, the purified and controlled personality, but also between the seven centers in the human etheric vehicle.

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Alta Major center The nerve center at the top of the spine where the cranium and the spine make approximate contact; the synthesis of that which might be called nervous energy. It is the physical correspondance to the antahkarana on higher levels. Angel of the Presence The devic aspect of the "causal body" of a person.

The Soul whose nature is love and light and inclusive understanding. Antahkarana also Antaskarana Path or bridge between higher and lower mind, serving as a medium of communication between the two.

Connects the threefold personality and the Spiritual Triad. The Antahkarana embodies the response of the consciousness within the form to the steadily expanding range of contacts within the environing whole.

It is built by the aspirant themself in mental matter and is the first creation of the soul-infused personality acting as a unitary being. Appearance Expresses that which we call matter, or form, or objective expression; it is that illusory tangible outer appearance which is animated by life.

This is the third aspect, the Mother, oveshadowed and fertilized by the Holy Ghost, or Life, united with intelligent substance.

Archetype The original pattern or model; the prototype; "Archos" means first and "typos" means model; a perfect example; the blue print, the basic pattern, smelling is the faculty of keen perception that eventually brings a person back to the source from whence they came, the archetypal plane, the plane where their true home is to be found; forms originate upon the archetypal planes, through the agency of divine thought, and from thence through directed streams of intelligent energy acquire substance as they are reproduced upon each plane, until eventually on the physical plane the form stands revealed at its densest point of manifestation.

Arhat Buddhist term for the fourth of four stages of personal enlightenment. In the Trans-Himalayan tradition, the term arhat is used for one who takes the fourth initiation.

At the heart of each group is a member of the Hierarchy who holds the focus for the group in relationship to the Divine Plan. A centre to which the Master gathers aspirants and disciples for personal instruction and where nothing of the personality is allowed to enter. Ashrams of Loving Intent Ashrams closest to the aura or periphery of Shamballa.

Aspect Expression; that of which quality is an emanation.Simple text-to-speech. This is a short introduction to the Festival Speech Synthesis System. Festival was developed by Alan Black and Paul Taylor, at the Centre for Speech Technology Research, University of Edinburgh.

HTS †. README: HTS txt; hts_engine API txt; Source code HTS_for_HTK tranceformingnlp.com2; hts_engine_API tranceformingnlp.com2 reference; Speaker dependent training demo English: with raw/utt files tranceformingnlp.com2 (80 MB); w/o raw/utt files tranceformingnlp.com2 ( KB); STRAIGHT demo tranceformingnlp.com2 ( KB); Japanese.

The Festival Speech Synthesis System is a general multi-lingual speech synthesis system originally developed by Alan W. Black at Centre for Speech Technology Research (CSTR) at the University of Edinburgh.

Substantial contributions have also been provided by . The Festival Speech Synthesis System. Festival offers a general framework for building speech synthesis systems as well as including examples of various modules.

As a whole it offers full text to speech through a number APIs: from shell level, though a Scheme command interpreter, as a C++ library, from Java, and an Emacs interface. Speech synthesis is the artificial production of human speech.A computer system used for this purpose is called a speech computer or speech synthesizer, and can be implemented in software or hardware products.

A text-to-speech (TTS) system converts normal language text into speech; other systems render symbolic linguistic representations like phonetic transcriptions into speech.

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