Festival in british

The frame was clad in aluminium louvres lit from within at night.

Festival in british

Site Editor roughguides From Hogmanay in Edinburgh to Bonfire Night in Lewes, Britain is home to a whole range of excellent festivals and events throughout the year. If you're planning a visit anytime soon we recommend you build you trip around one of these memorable parties.

Notting Hill Carnival in London Carnival Sunday morning and in streets eerily emptied of cars, sound-system guys, still bleary-eyed from the excesses of last night's warm-up parties, wire up their towering stacks of speakers, while fragrant smoke wafts from the stalls of early-bird jerk chicken chefs.

And then a bass line trembles through the morning air, and the trains begin to disgorge crowds of revellers, dressed to impress and brandishing their whistles and horns.

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Some head straight for the sound systems, spending the entire day moving from one to the other and stopping wherever the music takes them. Streets lined by mansion blocks become canyons of sound, and all you can see is a moving sea of people, jumping and blowing whistles as wave after wave of music ripples through the air.

But the backbone of Carnival is mas, the parade of costumed bands that winds its way through the centre of the event. Crowds line up along the route, and Ladbroke Grove becomes a seething throng of floats and flags, sequins and feathers, as the mas masquerade bands cruise along, their revellers dancing up a storm to the tunes bouncing from the music trucks.

And for the next two days, the only thing that matters is the delicious, Festival in british freedom of dancing on the London streets. Hogmanay in Edinburgh From the cascade of fireworks tipping over the castle rock to uninhibited displays of stranger-kissing as midnight chimes and the sight of the classical pillars of the Royal Scottish Academy being transformed into a giant urinal, Edinburgh consistently throws the world's most memorable New Year's Eve party.

And it's a party on a grand scale, with around 80, people from around the world joining in. The evening starts with a candlelit concert in St Giles Cathedral, the hulking medieval church on the Royal Mile. From then on the tempo rises, with a massive street party on Princes Street and a boisterous ceilidh in the Princes Street Gardens, followed by a large-scale concert.

At midnight, the fireworks kick off, and from Calton Hill to Salisbury Crags, from the new town to the old town, from the pubs and from the castle esplanade, the whole city looks skywards and celebrates.

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Auld Lang Syne is belted out, and any last shreds of Presbyterian reserve are abandoned, as people bound around hugging and kissing each other. Edinburgh's Hogmanay is now a ticketed event, so book ahead at www.

Festival in british

The celebrations start with the switch-on of the Diwali lights: Robin Hood Festival in Sherwood Forest For the first week of August each year, in celebration of Nottinghamshire's legendary outlaw, Sherwood Forest is transported back to the thirteenth century.

Over a quarter of a century, the Robin Hood Festival has grown into a pop-up village of sorts, with stalls and attractions spread across about a square half-mile of woodland that can be circumnavigated comfortably in an hour or so. The itinerary changes a little every day but archery lessons are always on offer for a small fee, and most days host high-octane jousting and rather vicious skirmishing between Robin Hood and the evil Sheriff's men in the shade of the Major Oak, a gargantuan tree said to be over years old, which attracts many visitors in its own right.

The festival is a paradise for little boys and girls who have always dreamed of being Robin Hood or Maid Marian. Green felt caps, bows and arrows and garlands of flowers are ubiquitous fancy-dress props, and every day there are opportunities for children to join in theatrical re-enactments of the Robin Hood story, to the hilarity of their parents.

Robin Hood Festival, Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire www. Yes, there's a sequin-sprinkled parade, but don't roll up expecting miles of elaborate floats and glitzy, Rio-style dance troupes.

It's all much more down to earth than that - think gangs of friends and colleagues in thrown-together fancy dress, waving in time to cheesy pop or giggling their way through sketchy dance routines.

Festival in british

And, yes, there's an all-afternoon dance party in the city's biggest park - but this isn't Ibiza. The one thing which Pride in Brighton and Hove has in spades is inclusiveness. Unlike Sydney, whose more militant lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender groups have been known to spit fire at the thought of non-LGBT revellers muscling in on their Mardi Gras, Brighton is happy for anybody and everybody to join the party.

You don't have to dress up, but if you'd like your photo to grace the galleries that pop up all over the web straight after the event, you most definitely should. The main events of the Pride in Brighton and Hove summer festival www. There's the Book Festival, home to top authors and commentators and set in leafy Charlotte Square; the International Festival, which hosts lush, clever productions of the high arts; the Art Festival, which gathers together special exhibitions and regular galleries; and the Fringe, which is what most people mean when they talk airily of the Festival, bulging with all manner of comedy, theatre and music from pros and amateurs.

The glory and terror of the Fringe - which, inevitably, has an unofficial fringe of its own - is that no one decides who becomes a part of it, performers just pay to be included in the programme. It's possible to have a fabulous time and see no shows at all, heading instead from temporary bar to venerable pub, nattering with the performers, punters and hangers-on that come here like moths to a month-long flame.Film festivals, including those at Edinburgh Film Festival, Bath and Glasgow participated in the Festival of Britain, and local authorities put on film festivals, helped by a BFI pamphlet, How to put on a Film Show.

Visitors to British Columbia are anything but short of festivals to attend during their stay. With British Columbia events spanning from music festivals to nature gatherings, there is sure to be something for everyone who finds themselves in this beautiful province. The BC Festival is a biennial event sponsored by British Columbia Square & Round Dance Federation and hosted by different regions of the federation.

In , two regions will host this event; Region 3 in the Okanagan and Region 9 in the Thompson-Shuswap. Welcome to The Festival Calendar, we are proud to give you the web's definitive guide for UK Summer Music Festivals in If last year is anything to go by, then will be the best year ever for live music.

Find festival lineups and ticket information on this site. Enjoy live coverage of The Magic Millions Festival of British Eventing in comfort, and view all that Gatcombe has to offer across the entire weekend!

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