Evidence based practice applied nursing research essay

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Evidence based practice applied nursing research essay

Evidence Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research Name Date Introduction Today, the medical and health care sector is one of the most vibrant disciplines undertaken by man.

The sector has been using huge amounts of money to carry out sophisticated and high quality research annually. Consequently, there has been a tremendous growth in medical as well as health care literature. New and more efficient medical procedures, medical devices, as well as medicine are invented on a regular basis Sackett et al.

All these efforts are aimed at assisting nurses and other medical practitioners to provide the patients with the best possible treatment and health care. Aside from using the well-established procedures and traditional practices, new innovative inventions are also being implemented by health care practitioners.

These innovations are founded on concrete research based evidence and best practices. Such techniques and innovations include evidence-based practice EBP and nursing research, these techniques are gaining more recognition because of their potential to provide care for patients and to carry out clinical issues.

Discussion The concept of evidence based practice within the medical and health care sector emerge in the s. The emergence of evidence based practice marked a shift of practice among the nurses and other medical practitioners from well-established procedures, and traditional practices, to an emphasis on information and evidence derived from previous studies and research.

According to McKenna et al. Nursing research is therefore, a systematic method that is used for purposes of investigating facts that is crucial for nurses and the nursing profession. Since nursing career involves clinical practice it is vital for all practices undertaken by nurses to be founded on scientific facts.

The evidence derived from nursing research offers support for a cost effective as well as a quality of nursing intercessions. Consequently, health care recipients are more likely to benefit through applied nursing research. Some of the obstacles of applying evidence based practice and nursing research may include: The only way to overcome these obstacles is identifying them and designing appropriate solutions Kania-Lachance et al.

Evidence based practice applied nursing research essay

For purposes of assisting nurses and medical practitioners to apply evidence-based practice and nursing research, nurses should be provided with current journal and reports on a particular task in nursing care. Such reports and journals can be very vital for purposes of providing quality and up to date health care to patients.

In addition, nurses should also develop a culture of applying nursing research and evidence based practice in their day-to-day tasks of nursing.

The administration should also organize activities such as nursing grand rounds, and nursing clubs for purposes of emphasizing the importance of applying evidence based practice and nursing research particularly in nursing care.

In light of this, members of the nursing profession have to undertake a number of responsibilities in an effort to effectively apply evidence based practice and nursing research.

To begin with, nurses must be conscious of how a particular decision taken in previous practice may affect the outcome of individual care of a patient. Secondly, nurses should remain open minded to the ideas of their colleagues. In addition, they must identify and alleviate their understanding of various methods of developing knowledge and solving problems in different areas.

The nurses should also identify opportunities and develop substantial literature. The foregoing strategies can be very useful for purposes of providing the necessary evidence in relation to perioperational procedure. One of the perioperational procedure that evidence based practice and applied nursing research could be of paramount importance is the routine shaving of the surgical site.

Routine shaving of the surgical site is a procedure that involves shaving of hair found in the surgical site. Patients must undergo this procedure before any surgical operation. Several studies have indicated that some of the methods used in routine shaving of the surgical site causes higher levels of infection on the surgical sites compared to others Alexander, Fawcett and Runcinman, In light of the forgoing findings, there is no doubt that the need to transform the routine shaving of the surgical site is of atmost importance especially in relation to the method used.

Utilization of evidence based practice and applied nursing research, can go a long way in assisting nurses to make the appropriate decision on the most viable method that they can use to carry out preoperation shaving with lower rate of infection on surgical site. Study shows that the use of a razor to shave surgical site causes higher rate of infection in surgical site Alexander,et al.Affordable Papers is an online writing service which has helped students from the UK, US, and Europe for more than 10 years.

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DNP. PhD. Focus - Clinical Practice - Scholarship - Nursing Research - Scholarship. Goal. Create leaders in nursing and health care practice who use evidence-based research . OJIN is a peer-reviewed, online publication that addresses current topics affecting nursing practice, research, education, and the wider health care sector.

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is widely recognised within the role of nursing. Evidence Based Practice Impact Of Nurses Nursing Essay.

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Print Reference this. Published: () criticise that the described 'highest level' of evidence fails to acknowledge research based on patient experience and perception and aspect .

Evidence based practice applied nursing research essay

Evidence-Based Practice & Applied Nursing Research Western Governors University BSN Program Karolina O’Loughlin Student ID: Type of Sources / Appropriateness of Sources / Classification of Sources American Academy of Pediatrics and American Academy of Family Physicians article regarding acute otitis media is a filtered resource.

But in order to identify this ‘best evidence’, the nurse must undertake an evaluation and critical review of research studies, to see if the research is useful and of sufficient quality .

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