Essays on television shows

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Essays on television shows

In this paper I will be exploring the depiction of nurses on and television and how that image has impacted the nursing profession. I will be focusing on a variety of films and television shows over the last 50 years and comparing the images portrayed with that of the actual duties a nurse performs.

In addition to viewing the television shows I have not already seen, I will examine a variety of scholarly sources to gather information that will help compare and contrast the real versus portrayed images of nursing. In order to perform their complex clinical duties safely and effectively nurses require a great deal of knowledge and clinical judgment that comes from a rigorous education.

People become absorbed in television shows and more often than not, the lines between fact and fiction are blurred resulting in poor images of actual professions like nursing. Many stereotypes about nursing exist as a direct result of the media portrayal.

Essays on television shows

Nurses are uneducated handmaidens that offer sexual favors to patients and doctors. This is an exaggerated example of how nurses are stereotyped. Many popular television series featuring nurses reinforced this negative stereotype by allowing the nurses storyline to feature them as assistants and love interests to the clearly more important doctors.

While the series did credit the nurses with actual duties it was always made clear that nurses performed their duties as an assistant to the doctor, not as an individual professional. The series mainly treated nurses as potential love and sexual interests for the doctors which did nothing to negate any stereotypes, not that many series featuring nurses has either.

Marcus Welby MD and Ben Casey two programs that clearly demonstrate these stereotypes in action, nurses were there for personal relationships and the doctors did it all, even the nurses duties.

In real life nurses are central to the care of the patients and spend their entire shift caring for them, while in television their characters are presented as less central, invisible in areas where you would normally find a nurse. If you watch a television series featuring medical professionals and pretend the nurses are the doctors, you actually get a more accurate portrayal of what actually occurs in a real hospital setting.

This negative portrayal of nurses spills over into real life making it more difficult for nurses to do their job appropriately. As a nurse I have witnessed first-hand the negativity these stereotypes have created for the profession. Until when Nurse Jackie, Hawthorne and Mercy all premiered, most medical shows depicted doctors as the main characters.

Up until the premieres of these three shows you would watch medical dramas where patients are surrounded by doctors who are administering all of the lifesaving care, whereas in real life these doctors would actually be nurses.

In a true hospital setting doctors diagnose the patient and nurses provide the care 24 hours a day. With all the central characters on the shows Nurse Jackie, Hawthorne and Mercy being nurses, you would think this would finally give nursing its voice, a way to correct all the stereotypes that have been created from all the other medical dramas on television.

Sadly, that was not the case. While these shows did portray nurses actually providing true nursing care, eradicating the handmaiden image, they fostered other stereotypes.

Having watched all three series, I can assure you that while they do depict what nurses actually do, they also engage in fostering the sexual stereotypes, like when a married Jackie from Nurse Jackie has an affair having sexual relations with the pharmacist on a cot in a room in the pharmacy.

The two central nursing characters in both Mercy and Hawthorne are both sexually involved with doctors, adding to the stereotype that nurses become nurses to marry doctors. There is hope for television yet. While there is fault in Mercy, Hawthorne and Nurse Jackie, there is also hope.

These shows portray that the most effective health care is when nurses and doctors work together as a team. They also portray what happens when a doctor ignores the nurse and tries to take over their role, the patient suffers. In addition to portraying nurses as excellent clinicians they also show the nurturing side of nurses that is truly the heart of the profession.

The role of the nurse is explained the best by Jackie in the opening episode of Nurse Jackie: This job is wading through a shitstorm of people who come in here on the very worst day of their lives. And just for your information, doctors are here to diagnose, not heal.

Now while these shows do show promise for the future of nursing on television, it is still television and with television shows comes drama because without it the show would be cancelled, as we have seen from both Mercy and Hawthorne being cancelled in the first and second seasons.

Nurse Jackie remains on television because of Jackie, a well-seasoned, educated nurse who also happens to be addicted to prescription Percocet and does whatever she thinks is right regardless of the ethics involved. Jackie suffers from a real issue that affects nurses every day, chronic back pain.

In the series Jackie circumvents policies and procedures in every episode, all for the sake of her patients and all for the right reasons, at least in her drug addicted mind.

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In her haze of drug addiction Jackie sees herself as angel of mercy as depicted in this picture: On a positive note, nurses are no longer invisible on television.

This misconception relates back to the image that the doctor does it all, but on the contrary, the nurse is the one caring for the patient 24 hours a day. When a problem with a patient develops, the nurse is the one on the frontline assessing and making recommendations to the doctor. Nursing is not intellectually demanding or challenging, I would dare you to say that to the nurse who saves your life.Reality TV shows have a bad influence on peopleAna Maria LunaI remember that a few years ago people used to spend their time in family, talkingto each other an Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

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