Essay plan for hazards in geography

Movement of people from disastrous zones 7. Influx of humanitarian staff 8. Gaps in NGO capacity 9.

Essay plan for hazards in geography

Phases of Disaster Management: Preventing and mitigating the crisis, and ii. Preparing for actual occurrence. Crisis can also be mitigated through various short term measures which either reduce the scale and intensity of the threat or improve the durability and capacity of the elements at risk.

For example, better enforcement of building codes and zoning regulations, proper maintenance of drainage systems, better awareness and public education to reduce the risks of hazards, etc. When a crisis actually occurs, those affected by it require a speedy response to alleviate and minimise suffering and losses.

Search and rescue, followed by iii. Provision of basic needs, such as food, clothing, shelter, medicines and other necessities essential for bringing bring the life of the affected community back to a degree of normalcy Phase 3: This is the stage when efforts are made to achieve early recovery and reduce vulnerability and future risks.

It comprises activities that encompass two overlapping phases of rehabilitation and reconstruction. Includes provision of temporary public utilities and housing as interim measures to assist long term recovery.

Includes construction of damaged infrastructure and habitats and enabling sustainable livelihoods. Elements of Disaster Management: The three phases of disaster management are described above.

Essay on Disaster Management | India | Geography

Various aspects of the three phases are described below: Disaster risk reduction strategies have the potential to save thousands of lives by the adoption of simple preventive measures.

Disaster reduction strategies include appraisal of likelihood and intensity of hazards and analysis of vulnerabilities thereof to the community. Building of institutional capabilities and community preparedness is the next step. Inputs like education, training and capacity building play a very significant role.

Knowledge plays an important role in disaster reduction. The traditional knowledge available with the community has to be used along with knowledge acquired through research and past experiences. The disaster risk reduction framework is composed of the following fields of action: Policies towards risk management ii.

Assessment of risk, including hazard analysis and vulnerability iii.Earth Hazards Essay Questions. Climatic Hazards Essay Questions.

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Essay plan for hazards in geography

Uploaded by. shahanaz IGCSE geography () Case study past paper questions. Uploaded by.5/5(1). Examination Guidance. You will need a good 45 min to plan and write this essay. For the 10 mark question - this is the only essay in the entire IB Geography examination where you should not evaluate.

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Patette. Population and Resources Essay . ESSAY PLAN Introduction: Briefly answer the question asked: “Why do similar kinds of hazards have different impacts in different places?” Talk about the risk vulnerability quadrant. Essay on Natural Hazards in India | Geography.

Article shared by: ADVERTISEMENTS: This essay throws light upon the six major natural hazards that occurs in India. The hazards are: 1. Essay on Earthquake 2. Essay on Landslides 3. Essay on Floods 4. Essay on Cyclones 5.

Essay plan for hazards in geography

Essay on Tsunami 6. Essay on Drought. The plan strives to do the same for property damage resulting from natural hazards.

Understand that your plan might be different for different types of emergencies. You would respond differently to a house fire than you would a state emergency for disaster.

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