English coursework story writing

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English coursework story writing

English coursework story writing Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Both of these texts are short stories and as such follow the traditional short story writing form.

They have a simple plot, an opening that catches the imagination, themes such as ghosts, witchcraft, love, fear hatred ect, very few settings; the action takes place in the same areas.

Short descriptions; much is left up to the reader. Short dialogue, suspense or tension and an atmosphere created by characters and setting.

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The Signalman All stories follow the same general pattern of situation, conflict, main event and resolution. In the signalman the situation is our narrator, visits the signalman who is worried about a haunting. He is having visions of the supernatural.

This obviously disturbs the signalman, he tells our narrator with a distinctive fearfulness and wary. The signalman is worried of a danger that the spectre could hold. The conflict is that the signalman believes the spectre is trying to warn him about something, but he can not work out what it is.

This is what is causing him the most worry.

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First the ghost appears and within hours there is an accident on the line and people are killed and wounded. The final resolution of the story occurs when the ghost appears again more than once over the course of one week and the signalman is struck and killed by a train coming out of the tunnel.

The driver of the train that killed the signalman said and did the same things as the ghost.

English coursework story writing

The narrator also thinks it is strange that the signalman does not look straight at him. Then a train goes by so that we now know the true setting of the story.

The theme to be developed is that the signalman hears and sees things that do not seem to be real. This makes us think it is a dangerous and negative place. None of these images are ones we as the reader would enjoy. Dickens uses the first person narrative, this almost intimate closeness with the narrator helps us to empathise with him and understand the story more.

When the narrator begins to feel frightened due to this bond we too feel frightened. Usually there is not a great deal of scene setting involved because there is not time in a short story. Because the description is short the authors use power langue such as onomatopoeia, alliteration to create a powerful mental image for the reader almost as if they watching themselves.

These images are all images that will unsettle the reader as words like clammy and ooze have negative and somewhat supernatural connotations. On either side, a dripping wet wall of jagged stone excluding all view but a strip of sky.

This also helps to further the image of the dungeon as the view from a dungeon would only yield a small strip of sky. The narrator also notices that much is the tunnel is in shade most of the time, a further possible reference to the interior of a dungeon and we as the reader would prefer to be in the sunlight as we would feel safer that way.

The one source of light that is repeatedly referenced to is the danger light at the end of the tunnel. People often see light as a source of safety, however in this story it is only the purveyor of danger and doom.

We have a feeling that this place is not of our world. It is also commonly believed that ghosts appear when it is dark and not usually in the sunshine. Usually in a short story there would only be one or two characters. This is because there is not enough time to get to know a lot of characters, and it is more important that the reader becomes emotionally involved and empathises with those few that are in the story; this is easier when the people in the stories are ordinary people as this makes it easier.

A character would be described physically and then the emotions shown on his face will be described at different points in the story. There are only two characters; the narrator and the signalman.

It is very, very difficult to speak of. He had made his bed, and he lay upon it. In a short story, dialogue is often used to move the story forward, it tells the reader how a character feels and adds detail. This extract helps to move the story on and gives us some information: Let me ask you a parting question.

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English coursework story writing

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