An analysis of remote control

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An analysis of remote control

Want to change the mood-lights in your dorm without having to get up off the couch? Why not use IR remote controls to do the walking for you? In this article, I will be covering how to use the IRremote Library written by Ken Shirriff for the Arduino to control a seven segment display as a proof of concept.

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A bit on IR remotes: Infrared remote controls work off the premise of modulation of a signal which is then demodulated and interpreted by the receiving unit, be it the TV, a cable box, or other device.

The destination device on the other end receives the infrared light pulses and then translates that into a code that then performs an action such as turning off the TV or changing the channel, etc.


In order to prevent one remote from turning on ALL of your appliances with line of sight to the remote, different protocols are used. This also helps to minimize An analysis of remote control interference being received from other light sources like incandescent bulbs and the sun.

When you hit the power button on the Sony remote, the TV sees the Sony protocol and decodes the power button then turns on the TV.

For more information on the protocols and theory behind Remote Controls, please take a look at http: The whole device specific protocol does make the use of a remote a lot easier however if you have many devices like an AV cabinet with a VCR, DVD player, Blu-ray, Sound System, CD changer and a video streameryour coffee table can quickly be overrun with remote controls.

The cure-all to this is a universal remote which can be programmed to control specific devices. Universal remotes are a godsend when working with microcontrollers as you can then set the remote to the Sony protocol, arguably one of the most well documented protocols to date. In this how-to, we will be using the IRremote Library for the Arduino to test our remote, get the key codes for the keys we want to use, and finally testing it out with lighting up a seven segment LED display.

You will need the following items: A PC with the Arduino software pre-loaded and operational. Turn on your camera and point your IR remote at it then press a key on your remote.

An analysis of remote control

You should see something flashing in the front of the remote. If you do, then the remote works and you can proceed with confidence. In some remotes it may show up red and in others it may be purple.

In the picture below, I am holding down the POWER button, and you can see by the purple light that my remote is working.

A bit on IR remotes:

Cameras in cellphones usually do not have this film. With the bulb curved part of the receiver facing you, the left most pin is signal out.

An analysis of remote control

The right pin should go to your power rail on your breadboard, the middle pin should go to the ground rail on your breadboard. The left pin goes to a resistor which goes to the cathode side look for the flat part of the LED while the anode side should go to your power rail.Remote control of noise by email.

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